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A synthetic race has come to your planet to steal your technology, And you have to fight them off. Fight off the Tecroroid invasion as they sent wave after wave of enemies to the planet. Use everything at your disposal to defend the planet and prevent your technology from being stolen. You have multiple tanks at your disposal to defend your planets technology. Upgrade your tank to stand a chance against this formidable foe.

If you would like to know more about Tecroroid Assault you can join the WizByte Games Discord server to learn more about the game, or provide feedback.

Feature List

  • Multiple playable tanks
  • Each tank has there own upgrades and weapons
  • Each tank has multiple color options
  • Difficulty Modifiers
  • 60 waves of enemies
  • 6 Boss enemies
  • Challenge Levels
  • Achievements

Note: These features are for the Full version of the game.

If you would like to get a chance to play the game when it is entered into beta join the WizByte Games Discord server

Install instructions

Once downloaded click the Tecroroid Assault.exe to open the game.

Controls (Keyboard)
A/D:  Move
J/K:  Fire Weapons

Controls (Xbox 360 Controller) / (Xbox One Controller)
Left Stick:  Move
A/B:  Fire Weapons


Tecroroid Assault Demo 27 MB

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